Electromagnetic radiation dangers (EMR) around overhead power cables can and do exceed legislation levels, as implemented by ICNIRP. Building projects for public habitat or occupational industrial environments, close-to high voltage transmission lines should undertake magnetic flux, electrical potential and harmonic radiation tested for issues of non-compliant frequency field strength. This is the only reliable way to evaluate the risk profiles involved.

We highly recommend that all environmental habitats undergo electromagnetic distortion and harmonic resonance stage testing and mapping in real-time, especially if local authority plans are being submitted for approval. Our engineers can liaise direct with planning consultants and advise on the most appropriate course of action with regard to useful mitigation within the building process.

Ultimately, following site analysis, the project manager would have legitimate proof of the associated field strengths - along with conclusive frequency chart data, and therefore “electronic witness” for the protection of the company itself.

We operate a conformity criteria service that can supply the legislative report documentation required for council approval. Included within compliant assessments, we also offer a “Certificate of Conformity” for absolute peace of mind.