There are half a million electrical substations in the UK, compromising of Primary, Secondary and Subsidiary electrical distribution systems. The transformer components of these substations mostly convert electricity from 66,000 to 11,000 volts (66 kV/11 kV) to 415 volts, three-phase or 240 two-phase for local environmental networks.

At distance from the transformer, an increasing number of toxicological studies draw direct comparisons between the high electromagnetic activity and cases of chronic human illness. However, at close proximity, such as a facility adjoined to the substation or corridor, legal requirements for magnetic flux can be exceeded.

The only way to ensure the safety of electromagnetic radiation levels for the protection of employees and employer - is to commission an EMF site technician qualified in the field of Electrical Engineering to test the environment for Harmonic Resonance and Magnetic Flux Strengths.

Our engineers can measure levels against ICNIRP recommended requirements and depending on the client’s remit, offer remediation or mitigation technics to alleviate any non-compliant field strength concerns.

We operate a service than supplies detailed analysis clearly mapping magnetic flux and harmonic levels from the source singularity down to the standard of zero penetrative exposure, visible at a glance within our formatted frequency data-charts.