The building biology evaluations are more appropriate for family homes – rather than industry or business environments. These guidelines are therefore not relevant to occupational intolerant exposures in the workplace.

The bias is set against the levels of a standard family home and based on the precautionary principal of zero tolerance. These figures are highly respected in the medical industry, offering unparalleled levels of human cellular regeneration and biological repair.

The remit of these guidelines is to produce reference values at which electromagnetic frequencies generally interfere and then resonate with natural human cellular activity. These are the strictest guidelines for human cellular regeneration ever undertaken.

Using test equipment commissioned and designed specifically for the building biology evaluations, on special request, our engineers will reach a clear and precise decision on the biological safety of any location or household.

Following an electromagnetic assessment, if the location is in compliance, our clients can request a conformity document. Without question, this is the ultimate criteria against which to be tested.

Frequency files for SMB criteria are colour coded, as follows.

  • Green Zone: Background Values
  • Yellow Zone: Average or Normal Exposure Values
  • Red Zone: Severe Exposure Values
  • Dark Red Zone: Extreme Exposure Values