The SAGE remit is more appropriate for family homes – rather than industry or business environments. These guidelines are therefore not relevant to occupational intolerant exposure in the workplace.

The SAGE process was initiated by National Grid, which subsequently became under the lead of the Department of Health. It was funded equally by the Department of Health, the Electricity Industry and the charity CHILDREN with LEUKAEMIA.

The aim of the process was agreed by stakeholders in November 2004 as: “To bring together the range of stakeholders to identify and explore the implications for a precautionary approach to ELF EMF (electric and magnetic fields) and make practical recommendations for precautionary measures.” The recommended goal of the study is simply to keep the household environment below 0.4 µT or 400 n/T - being the equivalent value. Above 400 n/T increases the risk or chances of contracting leukaemia for the occupants of the household. The remit of SAGE is to provide advice to Government. It is for Government to take decisions on policy relating to electromagnetic fields and health, based on this advice.

Following an electromagnetic assessment, our clients can request that their compliance with the SAGE guidelines is showcased in the form of a conformity document. This document is a dual-signed certificate stating that the area in question has undergone an industry-standard evaluation and has been found to comply fully with the established values.