Due to the invisible nature of EMF radiation, most businesses are unaware of the covariant transformation within their premises as a result of sinusoidal waveform and high harmonic content. Because legal levels (Action Levels) and legal limits (Exposure Limits) can be exceeded, it is paramount to perform electronically mapping of precise exposure values and if relevant, the exact point at which these values are overstepped. Businesses are legally required to:

  • Industry must examine exposure to electromagnetic fields.
  • Industry must ensure that limits set by the directive are not exceeded.
  • Erect warning signs where EMR levels may cause exposure limit values to be exceeded
  • Provide appropriate information and training

Academic qualifications for commercial or industrial assessments require a clear understanding of quantum electrodynamics, including qualifications in Electrical Engineering as a minimum standard.

Because employers must provide adequate arrangements for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of protective and preventive measures, we are often contracted to work alongside health and safety officers to endorse their training strategy and/or implement our own training programmes for magnetic field exposure safety.

In addition to formal contracts, our engineers also offer advice on safety procedures, mitigation measures and remediation techniques for gaining industry compliance. On request, free of any charge.