Primary grid power substations operate at far greater primary transmission voltage than smaller installations. Multiple voltage demands can be involved, including the UK's largest operating line load of 400 KV, which is then reduced to secondary transmission voltages of 110 KV.

The secondary transmission lines are carried over to secondary power substations situated at the load centre. After which, the voltage is further reduced to sub-transmission voltages.

Magnetic flux strengths emanating from this type of primary substation are far greater than those with lesser voltage loads. These relate to greater magnetic-resonance penetration within the local environment.

Epidemiological studies that have been conducted around primary substations correlate more significantly with increased issues of chronic disease, including biological DNA damage. In these cases, multiple cases of human Cancer are more likely to occur at greater distances than with local substations.

Laboratory site equipment can be portably carried to the location by an electrical engineering expert to audit the fundamental principles, electro-mapping the environment for a precise safe-legal-distance. Subsequent to compliant assessments and in addition to a comprehensive report, we also offer a “Certificate of Conformity” for absolute peace of mind.