All industrial machinery is dependent on power ancillaries and supplies. Due to highly unstable magnetic fluctuations, harmonic flux emanating from any type of step-down or step-up transformer will be significantly unpredictable.

Epidemiological studies have concluded that transformer applications correlate significantly with increased issues of human cellular degradation. EMF Directive 2013/35/EU now ensures that the worst of these issues are not overlooked. Protecting your employees from dangers arising from electromagnetic environmental assault.

Regardless of the size of industry, our service connects your business with EMF technicians, qualified in the field of electrical engineering, offering unique services for complete peace of mind regarding legal (and ethical) health and safety requirements.

We employee experts “Onshore and Offshore” in the field of  “ABB Transformers” and “Large Drives” –– specializing in heavy-duty AC/DC machines for low and medium and high voltages as well as EMF solutions for onshore industry and offshore marine, shipping and rig platforms.

If you’re EMF requirements are of an extreme nature, at EMF Compliance Ltd, our engineers are the most experienced EMF technicians within the UK.