Our service offers industry-standard electromagnetic technicians to the worldwide commercial market. Our Survey team are experts in EMF safety-critical testing and legal EMF health & safety requirements. Industry standard quantum electrodynamic analysis is offered to ensure the compliance for all personnel in the workplace.

Workplace legislation places a duty of care on UK and European businesses to ensure that employees are not exposed to excessive levels of electromagnetic fields.

An EMR Site Survey involves:

  • An electronics-expert visiting the commercial-site/office-building etc
  • Formal electromagnetic safety assessment and audit
  • Time-varying electromagnetic mapping
  • Production of a duty-of-care compliance report
  • Identifying EMF deficits and remedial processes.
  • Following compliance: your company receives a Certificate of Conformity

By commissioning our team to perform the above electromagnetic radiation analysis, your business premises will be in compliance with all legal requirements, and your workers will be free of the uncertainty posed by EMF radiation and its potential health implications.

We also offer “preliminary” EMF Directive tests, unique to our service, for the protection of your business at a fraction of the standard industry financial outlay. Subsequent to our EMF assessments, all our clients are supplied with a multi-layered compliance report, including “Electronic Witness” of the field strengths recorded in “Real-Time” and a "Certificate of Conformity".