Directive 2013/35/EU - electromagnetic fields: The minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields) are as follows:

  • Industry must examine exposure to electromagnetic fields. In particular
  • Industry must ensure that limits set by the directive are not exceeded

Our consultants are here to help you. We can develop and implement monitoring strategies to ensure maximum exposure limits are not exceeded. Our service offers industry-standard electromagnetic health and safety legislation survey analysis to all EC member countries. We also offer “preliminary” tests, unique to our service, at a fraction of the standard financial outlay.

The benefits to your business are threefold:

  • Protection for your workforce against the risks arising from physical electromagnetic ailments
  • Satisfying legal requirements and duty-of-care legislation, along with ethical EMR obligations
  • Protecting your business from potential claims of company negligence. Once our engineers have supplied the relevant compliance report and "Certificate of Conformity" your business will be supplied with "electronic witness" of the field strengths within your facility and therefore, accountability for non-conformity would not be relevant.