Machine welding is recognised as one of the most magnetically-active industries in which to be employed. By nature, TIG and MIG welding machinery has large electrodynamic emissions.

The medical industry provides a specific warning to welder operators, stating open-arc machinery is one of the greatest health hazards currently in use in the manufacturing industry.

Our service is designed to perform full spectrum aerial analysis of all welding equipment, as operational use is ongoing. Our primary industrial locations range from the smallest factory buildings to the largest industrial institutions, and our surveyors are available worldwide.

Following an EMF site evaluation, an in-depth multi-layered report will be supplied that cross-references magnetic velocity forces against EMF guidelines. Multiple-frequency chart-data graphics allow our clients to visually understand any issues and take direct remedial technique action.

Subsequent to our EMF assessments, all our clients are supplied with a multi-layered compliance report, including “Electronic Witness” of the field strengths recorded in “Real-Time” and a "Certificate of Conformity". Clearly demonstrating your commitment to safety on the shop-floor while fulfilling all legal EMR obligations.

To understand the benefits of different assessments types, or for clarification of your company's requirements to the EMF Directive, call 0161 929 0232 to speak with one of our team.