Our engineers use industry standard equipment of the highest calibre - performing both high-amplitude spectrum- scanning and biologically-biased magnetosphere osculation measurements.

Full spectrum recordings are taken of environmental magnetic flux, harmonic radiation and electrical field strengths. All electromagnetic radiation (EMR) risk-profile reports include "real-time" multiple-frequency graphic-format data-charts for each area tested.

We only authorise experts in the field of both EMF dynamics and electrical engineering to perform workplace evaluations and measurement data assessments.

However, as an impartial second witness, it is essential that all aspects of the frequency calculus are provided directly to the client, therefore, all energy projection data-files taken on-site are contained within our written conformity assessments.

In addition, all measurement compliant assessments include a “Certificate of Conformity” providing the possibility of "showcasing" the businesses legal compliance and "duty of care" obligations.

We always recommend that “electronically witnessed” data-charts are stored securely for future reference and reasons of "transferable-data-proof” offsetting potential claims against company liability or negligence.