EMF radiation has been an ongoing problem for the commercial manufacturing workforce since the beginning of power manufacturing. The introduction of UK and EU electromagnetic industrial duty of care and the EMF Directive 2013/35/EU now ensures that these issues are not overlooked. Heavy and light industries have a legal responsibility to protect their valued workers from any feasible health ailments relating to electromagnetic environmental assault.

Our qualified EMF technicians test electro-dynamic fundamental emissions that are likely to be of concern to Action Levels or Exposure limits within the workforce. All values are recorded in “real-time” and all value are “electronically witness” and recorded. Our report assessments incorporate Magnetic, Harmonic and Electrical emissions for the legal safety of the business itself.

It is now commonplace for factory operators to fulfil their workplace care obligations by testing machine equipment “before” allowing employees onto the shop-floor. This is particularly the case when employees are operating high current or high amplitude machine equipment. In certain cases, remedial techniques may be required to substantially alter the electromagnetic environment and, in doing so, avoiding serious occupational hazards. We also offer “preliminary” tests, unique to our service, for the protection of your business at a fraction of the standard industry financial outlay.