EMF Directive 2013/35/EU requires employers to assess the risks to employees by assessing and, if necessary, measuring the relevant ELV action levels of non-ionising radiation fields and electromagnetic fields to which employees are exposed.

As part of this risk assessment, employers must also consider any indirect effects, such as interference with medical electronic devices and cardiac pacemakers. Occupational exposure to non-ionising radiation must be kept as low as is reasonably practicable.

Suitable and sufficient electromagnetic risk assessments must be conducted by the employer. The purpose of these is to identify hazards, assess the probability that harm may arise from them and evaluate the effectiveness of control measures.

Currently, legislation places a duty of care on businesses to ensure that workers are not exposed to severe levels of EMR. However, these guidelines are being stringently reviewed to consider biological damage that can be caused by far lower levels.

We offer a service that will measure the entire frequency spectrum of the working environment and establish "prudent mitigation protection" against any future legal claims of EMR negligence. In addition, health and safety officers request that we go beyond present legislation in order to future-proof businesses against subsequent changes in radioactive emissions.

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