At EMF Compliance Ltd, our service performs a far greater task than just connecting your business with a dedicated team of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) analysts.

Of course, we offer detailed EMF Directive radiation assessments throughout the UK and Europe. And all our engineers are qualified to evaluate phase electric and magnetic harmonic fundamentals in relation to legal and biological intolerant exposure in the workplace.

However, EMF Directive analysis constitutes a large investment in time and expense for businesses and this "may or may-not" be formally required. At EMF Commercial Ltd, our clients may decide from alternative options of analysis unique to our service at different levels of commitment to the EMF process.

Often we perform a preliminary assessment, which includes multiple-frequency real-time electromagnetic scanning of the entire facility, at a fraction of the financial outlay of industry competitors. The "electronic witness" within this type of analysis "often" demonstrate that values would not compromise the EMF Directive guidelines.

In many cases, our customers require harmonic scanning of a specific nature, to cover liability for ICD regulations (pacemaker implants). Your company would receive full electronic proof of the levels the ICD receives, for the protection of your employees and the business itself. No other industry competitor can offer this type of analysis.

To understand the benefits of different assessments types, or for clarification of your company's requirements to the EMF Directive, call 0161 929 0232 to speak with one of our team.