EMF Compliance Ltd client base performs HSE EMF conformity for multinational corporate institutions such as The African Development Bank, ANZ Bank and the Royal Residence of Qatar.

In the UK our compliance standard is commissioned for health and safety requirements by many household names - including Scottish Power, Northern Rail and Kellogg’s. However, EMF Compliance Ltd also provides compliance technicians to bring about affordability within the small industry sector.

Our mission for the small industry sector:

  • To supply a higher standard of EMF qualified experts
  • To supply advanced levels of compliance techniques
  • To supply an efficient service including imminent report delivery
  • To supply Electronic Witness of all our final conclusions
  • To supply the above at an affordable fixed fee
  • Where compliant: To supply a "Certificate of Conformity"..

We also offer “preliminary” tests, unique to our service, for the protection of your business at a fraction of the standard industry financial outlay. Subsequent to our EMF assessments, all our clients are supplied with a multi-layered compliance report, including “Electronic Witness” of the field strengths recorded in “Real-Time” and a "Certificate of Conformity".